iQ3Connect Product Release v2023.4

Create, deploy, and experience VR training (or AR training) with even greater simplicity with the release of iQ3Connect v2023.4. With this release, we have expanded the supported file types that can be used in a VR/AR training to include Point Clouds, whether used independently or in conjunction with CAD formats such as SolidWorks, NX, Creo, CATIA, STEP, GLB, OBJ, FBX, among many others. We’ve also dramatically reduced the time it takes to create 3D object animations and have greatly improved the usability of these immersive trainings (as well as the usability of the instant 3D collaborative workspaces) for mobile devices. Below are some additional details on these revolutionary updates.

  • XR Training and Experiences – Create 3D Object Animations in Seconds – We’ve drastically simplified the ability to animate 3D objects for virtual training and experience creation, reducing the time to author animations, such as for assembly or maintenance training, by over 90%. Visually set the object’s start and end positions, define an animation duration, and you’re done. More complex animations can be built up sequentially using this method, or, for our advanced users, by using our animation scripting.

  • XR Training and Experiences – Point Clouds – Now you can include Point Cloud data when creating XR Training and Experiences. Our proprietary rendering engine ensures points cloud, even with billions of points, can be visualized on any device. No need to simplify the data sets or reduce the number of points. Seamlessly showcase and explore point cloud models over the web, or combine point cloud data with 3D CAD for a blended experience. 

  • Mobile Device Usability – The unique size and capabilities of mobile devices have often prevented immersive experiences from being widely adopted within an organization. Many XR experiences need to be explicitly built for mobile, or more often, don’t support mobile devices. While iQ3Connect’s device-agnostic, web-based XR platform has always supported mobile devices, usability has not been optimal at times. However, with improvements in our mobile UI and underlying engine, mobile device usability has been dramatically improved. They can now be used seamlessly (whether in normal 2D mode or AR mode) in any web browser-based iQ3Connect Workspace, Training, or Experience.

Feature Spotlight: XR Training and Experiences – Point Clouds

Check out this iQ3Connect Immersive Experience of the Thorco Cloud Shipwreck. Underwater LiDAR scanning was used to capture the point cloud model of the Thorco Cloud. 2D plans were overlaid on the wreck data to provide as-built information, and a CAD model of a submersible was used to help visualize options and accessibility for a marine salvage operation to extract the fuel from the vessel. 

For easy access to the Thorco Cloud Immersive Experience on a mobile device, scan the QR Code below. 

iQ3Connect Product Release v2023.3

iQ3Connect is reducing barriers to immersive collaboration and training for a global audience with its release of version 2023.3. The introduction of automatic language localization will allow users from anywhere in the world to seamlessly collaborate, train, and learn in their preferred language, while our simplified VR model creation and new lightweight XR workspaces will allow anyone to rapidly and easily use XR experiences for their everyday work, on any AR, VR, PC, or mobile device. Finally, we have streamlined the process for authoring virtual build sequences and assembly training with new virtual object tracking capabilities. Additional details on the major enhancements in 2023.3 can be found below: 

  • Automatic Language Localization– Reduce language barriers to facilitate collaboration and/or training with a global audience. iQ3Connect can now automatically detect a user’s language preference and will translate the iQ3Connect interface into the appropriate language. Each user in the Workspace, for example, will be able to see the VR Menu in their preferred language. 
  • Virtual Object Tracking for Training and Retrofit Operations – iQ3Connect has simplified the process of tracking object positions and distances in a virtual environment. Leverage this new capability to easily create virtual build and assembly training, automatically detecting when a trainee has properly assembled a component and can move to the next step and/or providing real-time feedback on errors. This capability can also be used to track clearances in real-time during virtual retrofit operations.
  • Simplified VR Model Creation– To further expand on capabilities added in 2023.2, which allowed users to easily create VR models by combining or segmenting models visually and/or by leveraging the model tree, we have added the ability to generate these new VR models while the user is in VR. Multiple models from different sources in the workspace can be combined into one integrated VR model or a subassembly can be easily isolated and saved as its own independent VR-ready model.
  • Instant, Lightweight XR Workspaces – Instantly view and interact with 3D models on any VR, AR, PC, or mobile device in our new lightweight XR workspace. These lightweight workspaces are designed to support rapid single user activities in iQ3Connect for quickly building immersive training modules and XR experiences and/or viewing and interacting with 3D models.

Feature Spotlight: Automatic Language Localization

Seamlessly collaborate and train with colleagues, partners, suppliers, etc. from anywhere in the world. iQ3Connect 2023.3 introduces new functionality that automatically detects a user’s language preference in the browser and translates the iQ3Connect interface into that language. By enabling users to use iQ3Connect in their native language, you can eliminate time spent on translation and interface interpretation, paving the way to more effective immersive training and collaboration and leading to enhanced productivity on a global scale.

A user in Japan has joined an iQ3Connect workspace with colleagues from the United States, this user’s menu is automatically translated to Japanese based on their browser’s language preference.

iQ3Connect Product Release v2023.2

With the release of 2023.2, iQ3Connect has introduced a new level of precision and control to object manipulation and interaction within a web-based virtual environment. These enhancements drastically reduce the time needed to create 3D scenes and make feasible additional use cases such as on-the-fly virtual builds and layouts. Some of the major enhancements are listed below. 

  • Precision Movement and Alignment – Gives users precise control over object movement, rotation, and alignment within the virtual space and with respect to other objects. Easily snap objects together with the proper alignment or a defined offset. 
  • Model Configuration – Save time and effort by combining, reducing and/or segmenting models and objects directly within the iQ3Connect Workspace. This latest enhancement reduces the back and forth between the XR environment and CAD or model editing tools (such as Blender) when needing to reorganize and reconfigure the 3D models from single or multiple data formats.
  • Point Cloud Measurement – Measurements of point clouds have been optimized to capture fast accurate measurements regardless of the point cloud density and size.

Feature Spotlight: Precision Movement and Alignment

Creating immersive scenes and conducting virtual builds, assembly, and layouts has never been easier. iQ3Connect 2023.2 introduces new functionality that gives users precise control over object movement, rotation, and alignment within the virtual space and with respect to other objects. Our customers have been using this functionality to virtually build cable rack configurations on-the-fly and for creating virtual assembly training. See this latest feature in action in this 2 minute video.