About us

iQ3Connect is building the Enterprise Metaverse to help industrial companies become virtual-first, sustainable businesses. Our SaaS platform is transforming the way we design, learn, and engage by enabling real-time, immersive (XR) collaboration and interaction with complex 3D content using only a web browser. 

iQ3Connect was founded by a team of engineers and executives with over one hundred years of combined experience in providing virtual reality, engineering, and design software to industrial and manufacturing enterprises. The iQ3Connect platform is built on technology developed with over 15+ years of R&D at MIT, NASA, DoD, and with industry partners. Our board is composed of seasoned internet entrepreneurs and former executives from Ansys and Microsoft. We are headquartered near Boston, MA.

iQ3Connect is a STEX25 Startup, mentored by the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, a winner of the MassChallenge 2021 Platinum Award, and a winner of the 2021 LG Proto Challenge.

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