A scalable, secure enterprise XR platform for

Web-Based VR/AR Training and Collaboration

Improve team communication, accelerate workforce development, and enhance engineering workflows. All you need is a web browser.

iQ3Connect empowers manufacturing and industrial enterprises to cost-effectively operationalize VR/AR training and collaboration at scale

We are the only web-based, end-to-end, enterprise-ready solution that integrates immersive experiences seamlessly into your everyday work. From instant 3D collaboration in virtual workspaces to no-code creation of immersive training and experiences in minutes, we are making XR as easy as creating a slide deck, as collaborative as web conferencing, and as powerful as 3D modeling tools. All you need is a web browser.

Use Complex 3D Models in Seconds

Upload your own 3D content into VR/AR experiences, no experts or developers needed.

Instant Real-Time Collaboration

Easy, secure access anytime, anywhere via a web browser – no apps or software downloads

Device Agnostic

Use training and collaborative experiences on any combination of VR, AR, PC, and mobile devices.


Secure cloud or on-premise hosting, single sign-on, access control lists, and rich web APIs for PLM, LMS, and any other business integration need.

Our Platform

iQ3Connect is a web-based solution empowering individuals, teams, and enterprises to create, deploy, collaborate, and learn with immersive and interactive 3D content on any VR, AR, PC, or mobile device.

Instant Virtual Workspaces
One-click access to virtual experiences on any device
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No Development, No Coding
Upload and interact with your 3D models (CAD, Point Clouds, or Animations) and data in seconds, without simplification. Combine and overlay multiple 3D formats in the same virtual workspace.
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Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
Virtual workspaces are accessible from a web browser in one-click, ensuring fast enterprise-wide access to VR/AR experiences and training anytime, anywhere, on any device.
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Instant Real-Time Collaboration
Virtual workspaces support multiple simultaneous users, empowering globally distributed teams to collaborate efficiently with their 3D models.
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Value Across the Product Lifecycle
Whether for training, design reviews, marketing, or general collaboration, iQ3Connect virtual workspaces enable enterprises to leverage their 3D digital assets across multiple use cases.
Enterprise Management
Centralized management and secure deployment of virtual experiences to your global workforce
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Frictionless VR/AR Deployment
Our web-based platform provides a unified environment for content and user management, virtual experience deployment, user analytics, and more.
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Business and Workflow Integration
Automate content and user management with integration to PLM, single sign-on, access control lists, and LMS. Deploy virtual experiences as web links to provide access anywhere.
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Data Security and Compliance
Data encryption, granular security options, and access control integration ensure only authenticated and approved users have access to data and virtual experiences.
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Reduce the Cost of VR/AR Ownership
Our business integrations, integrated environment, and data security measures reduce operational costs associated with creating, deploying, and maintaining virtual experiences at scale.
Training and Experience Creator
Effortlessly create virtual experiences and complex training, coding optional
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Anyone Can Create
Our user-friendly interface ensures users can quickly build/edit virtual experiences and training – no coding required. Teams can collaborate on training creation in real-time.
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Create Once, Use Anywhere
Virtual training and experiences created in iQ3Connect are automatically optimized for each device (VR, AR, or 2D) and training mode whether self-paced or instructor-led.
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Own Your Content
Virtual experiences and training are fully modifiable and adaptable. Updates are automatically published, providing up to date access to your global workforce. No vendor lock in or long lead times.
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Scale Your VR/AR Solutions
By reducing the time and cost of virtual experience and training creation, iQ3Connect enables enterprises to expand their VR/AR solutions to maximize ROI throughout their product portfolio.

Trusted By

iQ3Connect is cost-effectively operationalizing VR/AR for global enterprises

Joe Strelow

President, AVL Power Systems

iQ3 is as easy as Zoom! You click on your calendar invite and you are taken straight into the VR workspace along with your colleagues. You are up and running with your design review, instantly. It is VR on-demand. Read More

C M Venkat

Vice President, Aker Solutions

We see this platform being used as a strong review and training tool for our engineers as it provides an in-depth, real-life perspective of the products they engineer and design. Read More

Dennis (Chip) Herrick

Sr. Information Technologies Specialist, Bosch

I have never seen anything as easy as iQ3Connect for brining raw CAD into virtual reality of augmented reality.

Jeffrey Jacobson

XR Project Manager, Boston Children’s Hospital

I can’t imagine an easier way to launch a collaborative workspace in VR. With iQ3Connect, I just click on a link, and I’m there. Read More

Tom Marnane

President, MADTECH

MADTECH was looking for a company with the necessary talent and skill sets to get a very complicated project done. The iQ3Connect team delivered on this most difficult of projects in the agreed upon timeframe. I would recommend iQ3Connect to any company that needed talent, ingenuity, and a get it done attitude. Read More

Business Manager

Tier I Automotive Supplier

By using iQ3Connect, we can now get our point across more quickly and easily. This means we have a better chance of closing the deal and ensuring that we are meeting our customer’s expectations. The end result is that we make more sales, reduce our engineering costs, and increase our margin. Read More

Indian Aerospace Company

We have been using iQ3Connect extensively for VR design evaluations and maintenance ergonomics on our cockpit designs. We initially started with a more complex system using trackers and gloves, but have been able to use the much leaner system from iQ3Connect to achieve the same results at much lower cost. Read More

BJ Foster


I have seen iQ3Connect in action, and its application is endless. iQ3Connect will change your view of the virtual world! Read More

Empower your team with real-time VR/AR training and collaboration!