iQ3Connect Product Release v2024.2

iQ3Connect 2024.2 is expanding access to XR collaboration and training through performance and UI enhancements. Our performance updates streamline the 3D model to XR workflow, enabling our users to collaborate and train with their 3D models as-is. No modelling expertise or manual model simplification required. Additionally, updates to the user interface now enable one-handed operation while menu angles and positions can be customized to ensure optimal interaction on any device. Below are some additional details on the new features in iQ3Connect 2024.2. 


  • Improved Performance and Larger 3D Models – Comfortably visualization and interact with complex 3D models, even on lightweight devices. With improvements in 2024.2, on-device rendering performance has increased by 2x, reducing the need for model simplification, improving the overall user experience, and enabling 3D models to be used as-is for collaboration and training use cases.


  • One-handed XR Usage – iQ3Connect now supports one-handed operation, including in XR mode. The XR Menu can now be opened/closed from a button in the workspace and is placed directly in the virtual environment, instead of being tied to the virtual hands, allowing for one-handed operation. The traditional two-handed method for XR menu operation is still available.


  • XR Menu UI Updates – An improved UI now makes it easier to enter an AR or VR session, while the XR Menu positioning and angle can now be customized to ensure optimal user interaction from any device. Additionally, the XR Menu can be placed directly in the virtual environment to follow the user. 


  • JT Tessellation – Tessellation quality controls are now available for .jt files.

Feature Spotlight: AR Training Authoring

No 3D models? No problem! Create immersive training and work instructions directly in augmented reality. Deploy instantly to any device, no apps required. Check out the video below for a brief demonstration.

iQ3Connect Product Release v2024.1

With iQ3Connect 2024.1, immersive (XR) training and collaboration has never been more accessible. Training experiences and collaborative workspaces can be joined from any VR, AR, PC, tablet, or mobile device. Instantly transition between classroom VR training and AR work instructions with the click of a button. Lead on-site AR design reviews with remote participants seamlessly joining by laptop or VR headset. And now that we support .JT files, bringing your 3D models into XR has never been simpler. Below are some additional details on the new features in iQ3Connect 2024.1. 


  • Augmented Reality – All capabilities of iQ3Connect are now fully supported in augmented reality, including tablet AR, optical/see-through AR, and passthrough AR. Seamlessly switch between 2D-mode and AR-mode (and even VR-mode with supported devices) and collaborate with other users in a 3D virtual environment. AR users can use controllers or take advantage of hand tracking and hand gestures to control and engage with the virtual environment. 


  • JT Integration – .JT files are now fully supported in iQ3Connect.


  • Device-Agnostic Text Positioning in Training Modules Displaying on-screen text in a training module has been drastically simplified and is automatically adapted for different end-user devices and screen sizes, ensuring that on screen text positioned in the upper right corner or bottom center during the authoring process, for example, will appear in that same position regardless of the end-user’s screen size. Additionally, text box behavior can be customized for immersive vs. flat screen end-users, ensuring an optimal experience for any device.


  • Enhanced Information Tag Control Information tags can now be controlled individually from the Model Tree in the 2D menu.


  • Clip Plane Object Outline (beta) To help users better differentiate between objects when using the clip plane feature, individual volumes can now be outlined during clip plan operations. As this feature is currently in beta, it is currently available under the Experimental Features menu > Clipping Outline.

Feature Spotlight: Augmented Reality

See how easy it easy to join a collaborative workspace or training experience in augmented reality.  On your AR device (or really any VR, AR, PC, tablet, or mobile device) open a web browser and navigate to:


You can also join from your current device by clicking on one of the images below.


Note: the collaborative workspace example is an open, public, multi-user workspace. iQ3Connect makes regular attempts to reset the workspace content but cannot guarantee that the content will be in perfect order nor that all capabilities will be available if others users are active in the workspace.

Assembly Training Demonstration:


Collaborative Workspace Example: 

iQ3Connect Product Release v2023.6

Immersive (XR) collaboration has never been easier with the release of iQ3Connect 2023.6. Performance improvements and device-specific usability updates ensure that all users, whether in a virtual classroom or immersive design review, have an engaging, reliable, and consistent experience using a VR or AR headset, PC, tablet, or mobile device. 360-degree images and videos are now fully supported. Below are some additional details on what’s new. 


  • Multiuser Collaboration with Mixed Devices (VR, AR, PC, tablet, mobile) – Performance improvements and device usability updates allow a larger number of users to simultaneously collaborate in virtual workspaces from different devices. iQ3Connect automatically adapts the collaborative environment to take advantage of device capabilities and limitations while maintaining a consistent end-user experience for all. For example, when entering AR-mode (in a HoloLens, MagicLeap2, or Tablet/Mobile), the virtual background will disappear for that user, ensuring unobstructed views to the physical space without affecting users on other devices.


  • 360 Image and Video Support – View and interact with 360-degree images and videos from any device, whether mobile, tablet, PC, or a VR or AR headset.  Create rich, interactive virtual environments, such as virtual tours or training, by combining multiple 360 images or videos with mark-ups, documents, 3D models and more.


  • iOS Device Usability – iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad are now fully supported for iQ3Connect workspaces, meetings, and training experiences. Enhancements to audio and video playback, support for 360-degree images and videos, and performance updates to view and interact with larger 3D models, have been implemented.

Feature Spotlight: 360 Image and Video Support

Check out this 360 Video Virtual Tour of the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility. The content was obtained from NASA’s 360 Multimedia Collection. This virtual tour can be viewed directly in your web browser using any VR, AR, PC, tablet, or mobile device.

For easy access to the 360 Video Virtual Tour on a mobile device, scan the QR Code below. 


iQ3Connect Receives Seed Investment from NOVA Prime Fund

WOBURN, Mass.Oct. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — iQ3Connect, a provider of a web-based immersive training and collaboration platform, today announced a seed round of funding through the NOVA Prime Fund, a venture capital fund created by global innovator LG Electronics.

iQ3Connect provides a web-based solution that empowers individuals, teams and enterprises to create, deploy, collaborate and learn with immersive and interactive 3D content on any VR, AR, PC or mobile device. Transforming immersive 3D into a scalable tool for enterprises, iQ3Connect offers a Training and Experience Platform that enables companies to rapidly create and deploy interactive virtual training and an Immersive Collaboration Platform, which provides a multi-user virtual workspace for companies. iQ3Connect also offers a host of services, from training and experience creation to hosting and management.

The NOVA Prime Fund is focused on investing in mission-driven companies innovating in sustainable energy, digital health, and industries of the future. LG NOVA, LG Electronics’ North America Innovation Center, serves as a contributing source to the NOVA Prime Fund for investments as a part of its Mission for the Future program, an initiative to build the future through cross-industry collaboration between startups and LG. As part of this investment, Jinhwan An from the LG NOVA team will join the iQ3Connect board of directors.

“The NOVA Prime Fund is committed to accelerating innovation for good to build a better future for people,” said Ali Diallo, Managing Partner at NOVA Prime Fund. “This strategic investment will help iQ3Connect advance their mission to help companies use their 3D platform and the metaverse to sustainably train the workforce of the future.”

“We share LG’s vision for the future,” said Ali Merchant, CEO of iQ3Connect. “Through our technology, our customers are advancing innovation at scale to make their organizations more efficient, sustainable, and competitive. Thanks to NOVA Prime Fund and their investment, even more organizations will be able to take advantage of the opportunity our 3D immersive platform offers.”

Founded in 2017, iQ3Connect is already deployed in numerous Global 2000 companies. As an example, a world leader in semiconductor and display manufacturing equipment is using iQ3Connect for customer support, manufacturing technician training, and knowledge transfer between different locations. They have trainers/SMEs creating and using multi-user virtual classrooms for training at scale.

One of the world’s largest oilfield services companies is scaling iQ3Connect for remote meetings for design and manufacturing teams and on-site construction planning, as well as operations and safety training for employees. Additionally, the Yokogawa Bridge Corporation, one of Japan’s top five fabricators and erectors of steel structures for bridges and buildings, uses a full-scale 3D bridge model with the iQ3Connect Platform to enable structure and design reviews in immersive 3D.

“We believe in the power of immersive technology to reshape the training industry, and iQ3Connect is at the forefront of this revolution,” said Ella Hood, Managing Director of Cherrystone Angel Group, an early investor in iQ3Connect. “Their web-based platform is versatile, scalable and addresses critical pain points in corporate training and team collaboration. As businesses worldwide prioritize upskilling their workforce, iQ3Connect’s Training and Experience Platform is poised for widespread adoption, presenting an immense growth opportunity.”

About NOVA Prime Fund
NOVA Prime Fund is a venture capital fund with a target of more than $100M and an objective of investing in private companies focused on clean energy, digital health, immersive AI, and industries of the future. The Fund will invest in high-growth technology companies and seek to accelerate them in collaboration with LG NOVA. Aligned on innovating for a better life, NOVA Prime Fund’s portfolio companies will be predominantly sourced from the Mission for the Future corporate acceleration program, led by LG NOVA, LG Electronics North America Center of Innovation. NOVA Prime Fund will focus on investing in mission-driven companies working towards solutions for a sustainable future for people and the planet.

About iQ3Connect
iQ3Connect provides a web-based solution empowering individuals, teams, and enterprises to create, deploy, collaborate, and learn with immersive and interactive 3D content on any VR, AR, PC, or mobile device. iQ3Connect is on a mission to transform immersive 3D into a scalable and pervasive communication tool for enterprises to save time, reduce cost, and achieve sustainable operations.


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