We have been extraordinarily busy enhancing and improving iQ3Connect to give you the the best in immersive 3D collaboration. We want to make sure that you stay up to date with our progress, so we will be sending regular updates like this one in the coming months. We are excited to release version 0.9.63 of our platform with new features to enhance your productivity. Here are the key highlights.

Major Productivity Enhancements

One Click Model Conversions:
 The process of preparing CAD and scan models for collaboration in the iQ3 Workspace (i.e. Cache Generation) has been greatly simplified, requiring only a single button click to start the end-to-end process. Users can change the customize conversion settings via the Advanced Settings tab and save them for future use. Multiple configurations of the conversion settings can be saved by the user and by group owners. It is now also possible to define the model quality (poly-count) from the Dashboard for CAD files.

Customize your Meeting/Workspace: Configuration of the iQ3 Workspace and User Controls can now be set and saved directly from the Dashboard. New settings can be set as the default or applied to individual meetings when scheduling a meeting.

Improved STEP file conversion: The conversion process is now 3X faster, and more reliable for large and complex CAD data.

Support for E57 reality capture with embedded 360 images: In collaboration with our customers in the energy space, we have added automated processing of E57 files with geo located 360 images. Its a one-click work flow to bring the scan data into VR. Users can navigate both through the scan and 360 images in their workflows.

Access to participant from 2D toolbar: Meeting participant list and details are now easily accessible from the 2D toolbar. Changing presenter is made easy by clicking on a name in the participant list.

Easier Visibility Control in Model Tree: Controlling the visibility and inverting the visibility to quickly show only the components is now supported. Inverting the visibility can be done in a few clicks.

Easier Access to Images/Screenshots: Screenshots taken in the iQ3 Workspace are now accessible direct accessible from the Resources tab in the Dashboard. You can upload images for use in the iQ3 meeting space for design reviews and training, or download screenshots from your design reviews for your meeting reports.

Additional Usability Enhancements

  • Clip plane and explode increments can be set by users for more precision
  • Follow Orientation is now turned OFF by default for VR users when Following a Presenter (more comfortable for our VR users)
  • Improvements in the display of text in information tags
  • Search functionality is no longer case sensitive
  • Extended meeting time to support participants from multiple time zones

Please contact us for a specific issue you have submitted or check the detailed release notes on the customer portal.

Enjoy our latest version. We are looking forward to your valuable feedback!

iQ3Connect Product Team

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