Monday Morning Coffee Blog – iQ3 Beginnings

By IQ3Connect
May 30, 2023
Monday XR Coffee Blog
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Monday Morning Coffee Blog - iQ3 Beginnings

Each Monday iQ3 will post content related to iQ3, the XR market, or the industries we serve. This interview with iQ3’s Founder and CEO outlines how iQ3 started, where he answers:

1) What started iQ3?
The vision to provide simple and cost effective XR to enterprises by enabling the use of the relatively low-cost 3D interfaces hitting the market.

2) What did the initial release of iQ3 look like?
It was focused on collaboration with complex CAD data and used open standards to allow content to be accessed in VR via a web browser. The initial interface had 2 buttons, start meeting and join meeting.

3) What is the iQ3 philosophy?
To provide business value, the platform needs to be easy, fast, and scalable in an everyday business environment.

4) What is the most exciting part of this iQ3 journey?
To see iQ3 in production use and to deliver business value at scale.

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