Discussions from AWE 2023 – Part 2 – How XR will Transform Workforce Training for Industry 4.0

By IQ3Connect
June 21, 2023
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Discussions from AWE 2023 - Part 2 - How XR will Transform Workforce Training for Industry 4.0

In this two part blog series, we will be detailing key takeaways from AWE 2023. iQ3Connect attended AWE 2023 in Santa Clara, California where we were invited by Jin An of LG NOVA to participate in a main stage presentation on how XR and AI will transform workforce training for Industry 4.0. This is Part 2 of our blog series which will cover this presentation and topic in greater detail. You can read Part 1 here.

With the U.S. Manufacturing Industry undergoing the 4th industrial revolution, facing millions of unfilled jobs and a nearly 40% turnover rate, efficient workforce training is becoming critical to ensuring organizations maintain competitiveness and prevent worker injuries. iQ3Connect is transforming the way manufacturing companies approach these challenges, by providing a web-browser based training platform that enables anyone to create and deploy virtual training modules on a global scale. LG NOVA has partnered with forward thinking and innovative companies, such as iQ3Connect, to bring powerful and agile solutions to market.

Skills Shortage in Manufacturing:

The manufacturing industry faces a significant shortage of skilled workers (estimated to be 2.1 million by 2030), driven by factors such as a retiring workforce and evolving job requirements. iQ3Connect’s web-browser based training platform offers a practical solution to bridge this skills gap. By leveraging virtual training modules, manufacturing companies can easily create immersive learning experiences tailored to specific job roles and skills. Employees can access these modules globally, on any device, without the need to download apps or software, enabling effective training regardless of geographical location or hardware availability. This technology-driven approach not only enhances the speed and efficiency of skill development but also provides a cost-effective solution for companies to train their workforce at scale.

High Workforce Turnover Rates:

High turnover rates are a constant challenge for the manufacturing industry (40% for the manufacturing industry, compared to 26.3% in the workforce at-large), leading to increased costs associated with recruitment and training. iQ3Connect’s virtual training platform offers a sustainable solution by enabling companies to create standardized training modules that can be deployed globally. This consistency in training ensures that all employees, regardless of their location, receive the same level of knowledge and skills, whether for safety, hazard mitigation, operations, maintenance, etc. By streamlining the onboarding process and reducing the learning curve, iQ3Connect empowers manufacturing companies to cost-effectively train skilled employees and minimize turnover rates.

Benefits of iQ3Connect’s Web-Browser Based Training Platform:

iQ3Connect’s web-browser based training platform provides several key benefits for manufacturing companies. Firstly, it offers flexibility and convenience by eliminating the need for physical training spaces and allowing employees to access training modules from any location with an internet connection. Secondly, the platform fosters a highly engaging and immersive learning environment through its virtual capabilities, making training more interactive and memorable. Thirdly, the platform enables real-time feedback and performance tracking, empowering companies to assess the effectiveness of training programs and identify areas for improvement. Finally, iQ3Connect enables organizations to leverage their existing digital assets and provides no-code authoring tools to easily create XR training that integrates seamlessly into their existing processes, significantly reducing the cost of time of virtual training creation.


In the face of skills shortage and high workforce turnover rates, manufacturing companies must embrace innovative solutions to stay competitive. iQ3Connect’s web-browser based training platform offers a game-changing approach to address these challenges head-on. By providing a scalable, immersive, and globally accessible training solution, iQ3Connect empowers manufacturing companies to bridge the skills gap, reduce turnover rates, and cultivate a highly skilled workforce. The combination of virtual training modules and global deployment capabilities positions iQ3Connect as a valuable tool for the manufacturing industry, enabling companies to thrive in an evolving landscape and drive success in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

To watch the YouTube video of Jin An’s (LG NOVA) and Ali Merchant’s (iQ3Connect) presentation, click here