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Defense TechConnect Readiness Innovation Challenge

In-person Event

iQ3Connect is proud to present its VR/AR training and collaboration platform at Readiness Innovation Challenge. iQ3Connect empowers subject matter experts, trainers, educators, and others to rapidly create and deliver interactive immersive (XR) training experiences via web-based virtual workspaces, no coding required. Create self-guided individual experiences or instructor-led, real-time training with multiple trainees.


Join us in Defense TechConnect, Washington DC (USA) for the most extensive Readiness Innovation Acceleration program, which continues the legacy of TechConnect’s 25 years of engaging in modeling and simulation development. It is an excellent opportunity to meet modeling, simulation, and training innovators representing state-of-the-art solutions for civilian and national security applications by innovate tech startups as well as well known brands in defense and manufacturing sectors.

SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2022

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