Virtual reality (VR) headset compatibility with iQ3Connect

iQ3Connect Product Release

iQ3Connect Virtual Reality Training and Collaboration Platform works with most standard browsers as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsft Edge. Please find the details of compatibility of iQ3Connect with the following VR headset and software combinations:

  • Oculus VR headset by Facebook – Rift, Rift S, Quest (built-in browser)
  • SteamVR – HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Oculus devices, other SteamVR supported devices
  • Windows Mixed Reality Portal – Windows Mixed Reality headsets

Please check the below table for VR headset compatibility of the web browsers and VR systems.

Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox IconGoogle Chrome Chrome IconMicrosoft Edge Microsoft Edge Icon
Oculus Rift and Rift SSupported SupportedSupported
SteamVRSupported SupportedSupported
Windows Mixed Reality PortalNot Supported Not SupportedSupportedSupported
Virtual Reality headset compatibility chart with iQ3Connect

If you have more questions or would like to seek support on the VR headset for your computer or pc or any other compatibility issues with iQ3Connect please contact us.

iQ3Connect introduction and our view on remote work in COVID times

Remote Work

iQ3Connect Virtual Reality Platform introduction to the world had genesis on helping enterprises to enable remote work. Companies today have distributed teams that collaborate for critical design reviews or training requirements on a regular basis. As per situation, and the foreseeable future, the remote work in training or collaboration is key possibility. The current document level collaboration and screen sharing solutions are not sufficient to make the right decisions. Especially, for workflows involving complex 3D product data. This creates bottlenecks within product development, manufacturing, and training for a growing remote workforce. Immersive collaboration is the key solution here. To implement such technologies at the enterprise level, technology should have ability to scale at instant. It should be be easy to use and ability to integrate into the enterprise business process.

iQ3Connect meets all these requirements and can be implemented to accelerate the adoption of VR in an enterprise. A platform to empower individuals and teams to work, interact and learn together with complex 3D data in secure 3D workspaces. Users are applying iQ3Connect to meet digital transformation initiatives in the product development life cycle to bring products faster to market in an environmentally sustainable way. Our users are using iQ3Connect solutions to efficiently manage all touchpoints and interactions for their Employees, Customers and Suppliers. VR/AR/XR collaboration provides the next generation of productivity and efficiency gains over traditional communication tools, and is an integral part of any digital transformation initiative. 

At iQ3Connect we are passionately building a 3D immersive collaboration platform that helps innovative companies achieve that digital transformation. Founded in 2017, our team includes a deep bench of successful industrial software professionals from ANSYS, Oracle, ESI, and MIT. iQ3Connect came out of the research and startup ecosystem at MIT.