Unleash the Power of 3D Immersive Training

Rapidly build and deploy scalable training modules on the web without any programming. Train your global work force; connect subject matter experts and trainees for structured or ad-hoc learning; reuse 3D models and existing knowledge assets to save time and cost.


All the scenarios and information captured in the creation phase can be assembled into logical steps, instructions and training modules in our drag and drop editor. This can be a collaborative and scalable process where your teams can work in parallel to create content and assemble training modules. All the content in IQ3 can be reused across training modules to save time and cost. The modules can be easily edited to replace content, training flows, or any other aspect of the training modules to make them full reusable unlike creating a static executable.

Ideate & Create in 3D

You don't have to be an expert, or programmer, to build training modules on the iQ3Connect platform. Rapidly experiment and create training flows for different applications. Utilize your existing assets starting with your 3D CAD, reality capture scans, videos, documents, images, and audio files to create rich training scenarios without any programming. Collaborate globally with subject matter experts on the iQ3Connect platform to directly capture process knowledge in realtime. You can record an expert perform a task directly in iQ3, and use it in your training modules.


Deploy your training modules in the cloud or on your own internal training portal (LMS). Training modules can be launched from the iQ3Connect dashboard or accessed via a weblink that can be hosted on an enterprise learning/training portal. Just like an iQ3 meeting space, training modules have a zero IT footprint requiring only a web browser. No large files to download. Training modules can be used in VR or just from your browser. 

Capture disassembly procedures directly in VR

Assemble training steps captured in VR into training modules
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