With coronavirus one thing is for certain: The future of work will never be the same. Video call/productivity apps like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, etc., have gone from being a suboptimal alternative to a core function of the way we communicate. But if you are an engineer or a designer or trainer or a manager working on complex systems (Cars, Airplanes, Power and Industrial Plants, Electronics, Factories, Etc.,) efficient 3D data collaboration is business critical.

Struggling with screen sharing or sending large data files to suppliers for example can lead to lost productivity measured in multiple KPIs. While there are a growing list of VR collaboration tools with incredible visual experiences, addressing the fundamental problem of collaborating across global locations with complex manufacturing data in virtual reality is a major hurdle for enterprises. We have focused on some of these fundamental challenges in building the iQ3 platform from the ground up to cater to engineering needs.

No frills, we have built a lean platform to help users get their job done in VR and teams where users can fully participate just from a web browser. iQ3 enables cross-functional teams to be in the same 3D environment as if they are all “together” aligned for best practices and teamwork creating an even playing field for employees in global locations.

Thanks to Dr. Yunus Shah on our team for his insight and collaboration on this article.

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