In the last decade, cloud technologies have been changing the face of the engineering service industry, and it will certainly play an even greater role in the post Covid-19 world. While the industry faces business and liquidity challenges in the current turbulent environment, companies must remain focused on operational issues, such as disaster recovery and efficiency improvements to survive and remain competitive.

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The WebXR standard will support hand tracking from devices like the Oculus Quest. This was very exciting news for us. The opportunities for directly tracking your hands with no additional gadgets like gloves, external trackers, or software installations like plugins is critical for wide adoption as we have focused so much of our effort on making our platform frictionless and zero IT footprint for all users. In the near future we envision our users to directly use hand tracking in their workflows. Let's see how this works today and take a quick peek at the future.

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With coronavirus one thing is for certain: The future of work will never be the same. Video call/productivity apps like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, etc., have gone from being a suboptimal alternative to a core function of the way we communicate. But if you are an engineer or a designer or trainer or a manager working on complex systems (Cars, Airplanes, Power and Industrial Plants, Electronics, Factories, Etc.,) efficient 3D data collaboration is business critical.

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We have been extraordinarily busy enhancing and improving iQ3Connect to give you the the best in immersive 3D collaboration. We want to make sure that you stay up to date with our progress, so we will be sending regular updates like this one in the coming months. We are excited to release version 0.9.63 of our platform with new features to enhance your productivity. Here are the key highlights.

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Companies today have distributed teams who need to come together for critical design reviews or training requirements on a regular basis. In the present situation, and the foreseeable future, the ability to meet face to face is not going to be possible. The current document level collaboration and screen sharing solutions are not sufficient to make the right decisions, especially for workflows involving complex 3D product data, creating bottlenecks within product development, manufacturing, and training for a growing remote workforce. Immersive collaboration is the right approach, but needs to be scalable, easy to use, and well-integrated into the business process for true enterprise adoption. iQ3Connect meets those requirements and is accelerating the adoption of VR at our enterprise customers for their complex product engineering and training needs.

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