Streamline Stakeholder Collaboration on Capital Projects

Realtime 3D collaboration can streamline communications saving travel time, reduce project rework, and cost overruns. iQ3Connect's 3D on demand workspaces can be used for project collaboration and training with your CAD, scans, and other digital data.

Brownfield Retrofit and Layout

Cost overruns in executing brownfield projects stack up quickly with site travel, plant downtime, rework, and safety issues. Are your teams struggling on communicating project details via 2D drawings and traditional web conferencing? iQ3 makes it easy for anyone to collaborate in realtime 3D workspaces from global locations. Just bring in your 3D sites scans, CAD drawings, and other media into shareable workspaces for realtime reviews and layout studies with stake holders and suppliers. Increase your potential project margins by reducing travel costs, rework due to communication errors, and on-time completion.

Realtime 3D Communication on Projects

Executing capital projects involves global teams, stake holders, and suppliers. How can you get them on the same page without wasting time bouncing hundreds of power point slides, and communicating complex project details via 2D drawings and web conferencing? Each exchange can take days to resolve. iQ3 makes it easy to meet and collaborate in realtime 3D workspaces. Conduct all your reviews in iQ3 early and frequently to reduce communication errors, increase customer confidence, and satisfaction.


Q. Do I need to post process my scan file?
A. No. We support popular scan formats such as LAS, E57, PTX, PTS, DP, etc. These files are automatically processed for 3D meetings and VR

Q. Do I need to convert scans to triangulated CAD format for retrofit studies?
A. No. You can use the scan (point cloud) file directly in IQ3. Just load the scan file and add any additional CAD and supporting media directly in the 3D workspace for reviews, training, marketing and other workflows.

Q. Can I measure, annotate, and move scans/point clouds?

A. Yes. You can measure, annotate, and move individual scan models using quick move and more precise transformation tools in IQ3.

Q. Can I load multiple scans and CAD in an iQ3 meeting space?
A. Yes. It's easy. Just select and append multiple files.

Q. Can IQ3 clean up and segment point clouds?
A. No. IQ3 is a review and collaboration platform. Tools such as Cloud Compare and Autodesk ReCap can be used for advanced post processing.

Q. Can I save my new layout and configuration performed in IQ3?
A. Yes. You can save a complete scene and session in IQ3 for later review and post processing into design reports.

Q. Can multiple participants interact with the scans and CAD models?
A. Yes. An iQ3 meeting is a common 3D meeting space. All participants can work and collaborate in realtime on the 3D data.

Q. How fast can IQ3 process scan files?
A. Nominally 1 million points per second for binary scan files.

Q. How do I embed 360 images in my scans?
A. IQ3 can automatically process and embed 360 images in E57 formats. In general 360 images can be selected and placed in IQ3 from the user interface in VR and non-VR. Any images, documents, and media placed inside scans can be persistently saved for asynchronous design reviews and training use cases.

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