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The iQ3Connect Platform 

iQ3Connect is a cloud-enabled, virtual reality collaboration platform empowering individuals and teams anywhere in the world to collaborate in a real-time 3D meeting space to visualize and interact with complex product data, including CAD, point clouds, and simulation results.

How Does It Work?

Unlike other desktop VR software, that require installation on every user's computer, iQ3Connect works in a web browser, providing universal access to a VR environment from any web enabled device. The platform can be deployed on-premise or with an external cloud provider, enabling global collaboration with the full security of a company's existing IT infrastructure.

No virtual reality or mixed reality headset? No problem. Users can still participate in 2D from any device. For the full VR experience, all that's required is a VR/MR headset and a VR-ready desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. No software installation required!

There is no easier or more affordable way to get started.

Why iQ3Connect? 

We make VR easy and affordable for collaborative product development and training.

iQ3Connect's Platform combines the immersive power of virtual reality with the collaborative, accessible, and affordable nature of web conferencing. It is the only platform which not only enables better design and engineering decisions, but also transforms business communication by empowering the entire enterprise with VR capability. As a data and device agnostic solution, iQ3Connect can leverage a company's existing 3D product data to enable multiple VR use cases from design reviews and virtual walkthroughs to training and data visualization.





Reduce physical prototyping and development time by validating design decisions on the virtual prototype in a physically realistic environment. Make decisions quicker by collaborating with internal teams, customers, and suppliers directly in the VR space while interacting with your 3D product design.


iQ3 enables 3-D product content and knowledge to be harnessed with simple authoring into structured immersive training experiences. Leveraging existing 3-D content is a cost-effective way to enhance user engagement and retention beyond simple videos and documents. Learn, practice and assess safely in an interactive virtual reality environment.


Executing greenfield and brownfield projects is costly due to site travel, plant downtime, rework, and safety issues. Communicating project details via 2-D drawings and web conferencing (Webex) can be frustrating. iQ3 makes it easy to collaborate in 3-D Virtual Reality from any location. Conduct customer reviews in iQ3 early and frequently. Reduce communication errors, increase customer confidence, and satisfaction.


iQ3’s unique collaboration capability provides an ideal environment for ad-hoc learning on products. An instructor or knowledge expert can train employees from any location in a virtual learning space with 3-D product content explaining product features, engineering details, and procedures.



“By using iQ3 we can now get our point across more quickly and easily. This means we have a better chance of closing the deal and ensuring that we are meeting the customers expectations. The end result is that we make more sales, reduce our engineering costs and increase our margin.”

- Business Manager, Automotive Supplier
“We have tried to implement collaborative VR before, but have never succeeded until now. With iQ3Connect it is easy! Easy to install, easy to implement, easy to use.”

- Manager, Industrial Machinery Manufacturer
"We see this tool being used as a strong learning motivator for our engineers by providing an in depth perspective of the products they engineer and design”

- Vice President, Oil & Gas Industry

Our team


Our mission is to help our customers build and deliver superior products at a lower cost by enhancing global communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing using iQ3Connect.

iQ3Connect was founded in 2017 by a team of engineers with expertise in the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries. Our team has over hundred plus years of combined industry experiences working for some of the leading CAD, CAE, and enterprise level Information technologies. Our platform is built on research first carried out at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It provides a reliable and industry-hardened foundation to our new cutting-edge iQ3Connect software resulting in a direct intuitive way to interact with industrial 3D data in immersive VR and AR environments. Our board is composed of seasoned internet entrepreneurs and former executives from Ansys and Microsoft.

IQ3Connect is a STEX25 startup, and mentored by the MIT Venture Mentoring Service.

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