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Remote Secure Collaboration

How Does iQ3Connect Ensure Secure Remote Collaboration in Virtual Reality?

Remote Secure Collaboration

We all agree and various publications also state the gains enterprise have achieved in productivity due to secure remote collaboration. However, there are always doubts in minds of executives of enterprises about the security aspects related to data and privacy. As an enterprise implementing Virtual Reality collaboration applications or tools across the organization, security is one of the primary concerns. How secure are remote meetings? How do I communicate with my suppliers? Is my data secured, and available only to authorized personnel? These are some of the pressing demands from the end-user, that have led IT departments to be paranoid about security. On the other end, increased security guidelines, also make life difficult for the end-users across the supply chain. iQ3 VR collaboration SaaS platform for product or facility design or enterprise training has been built with key aspects of security for data and privacy. At the same time, it is flexible and easier to use enabling secure collaboration in real-time

iQ3Connect security has 3 major components:

  1. Security of the content
  2. Security of the application, and
  3. security of the infrastructure. 

Content Security

Security of the content can be ensured by not transmitting files and IP containing as is to XR applications. For e.g, if a CAD file containing the original IP was sent to everyone, viewing it in a collaborative meeting is a security blocker. Now consider this scenario in iQ3Connect Virtual Reality Collaboration platform. At iQ3 we stream only necessary encrypted data in fragments, not the original CAD file. Just like most web security applications, it would be nearly impossible to reverse engineer IP. 

Also While managing security in virtual reality, iQ3 product architecture ensures the collaboration is happening in real-time. Secure collaboration can happen across the value chain right from top-stream 2nd or 3rd tier supplier to end customer. iQ3 virtual reality collaboration platform also ensures access to users with a simple browser interface in any computing machine with an internet connection. Users can also reach virtually to place with any HMD device. This helps to achieve the objective of getting the work done quickly with higher productivity gains.

Application Security

Application security such as passwords and access control can prevent unauthorized access to assets in the application and access to collaborative workspaces. iQ3 provides application security in terms of passwords, access control lists, and single sign-on. 

Infrastructure Security

Using secure infrastructure is also critical for maintaining security. Using AWS and Azure ensures infrastructure security. iQ3 runs on these reputed platforms. Finally, iQ3 can also be installed on a private cloud secured by the enterprise security of a company. In this option, iQ3 is placed completely inside a company intranet and IT security infrastructure. No outside access period!

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