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3D VR Animations

Replace Static Powerpoint slides with 3D VR enabled animations in iQ3Connect

A 3D scene is a fundamental building block of a more complex animation experience. A scene is essentially a layout or snapshot of your content arranged in the 3D virtual space. An equivalent metaphor is creating a powerpoint slide in a larger presentation. Multiple scenes can be strung together into sequences to explain product knowledge, design reviews, assembly simulations, training, and so many more applications you can imagine in a 3D virtual environment.

In the images above we have used the suspension model discussed in the previous blog article to create some basic scenes in iQ3. In this example, we have built the scenes using CAD models, but one could use any 3D content such as scans, videos, documents, etc. to create rich scenes to communicate your knowledge intent.

To provide some context, let’s assume you are a subject matter expert building an assembly sequence for a product line, and you need to create animations showing different sequences of steps to communicate this knowledge to new technicians. You may also want to use this for a live collaborative classroom training. Regardless of the application, a library of scenes can be used to capture expert knowledge and reused across your different applications in iQ3. 

Here are some questions we are often asked by our users.

  • Can I create a scene directly in VR mode? Yes you can and in many cases it’s much more natural to create a 3D scene in VR.
  • Can I create a scene in desktop VR? Of course anything you do in VR can also be done by anyone without a VR headset directly on your laptop or PC.
  • Can I create a scene collaboratively with other participants? Yes you can create scenes with real-time input from other participants in your iQ3 workspace.
  • Can I edit a scene ? Yes you can easily edit a scene to replace any content used in a scene.
  • Can I use a scene in VR or desktop VR mode? Yes ! It’s flexible and interchangeable.

In the next article we will learn how to author scenes in easy steps. No coding needed !

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