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iQ3 VR Software

Product Release Updates- Oct 2020

Major Productivity Enhancements

Enhanced Multimedia Functionality:

  • Enhanced Desktop VR Menu: Audio controls have been incorporated into the Desktop VR (flat screen) user menu for easier access. Additionally, the behaviour and look of the menu icons have been adjusted to improve users understanding of the status of each icon.
  • Improved Dashboard Performance and Usability: Users can now more efficiently use and navigate the iQ3Connect Dashboard. The Search capability is much faster and improved Dashboard performance allows users to better manage large data files. Additionally, some menus have been renamed for improved usability.
  • Access to Additional Content: Users can now embed URLs into the Information Tags in the iQ3 Meeting Space. This offers users increased flexibility in terms of the content they can associate and tag to the 3D data. 

Additional Usability Enhancements

  • User can more easily select multiple components via the model tree
  • The View Cube rotate arrows have been set to 15-degree increments
  • Dashboard Administrators can turn on/off user’s capability to edit meeting settings and menus
  • Improved VR Menu performance when large lists (viewpoints, scenes, etc.) are loaded
  • Recorded Sessions have been made more flexible by allowing users to Enter/Exit VR mode during playback

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • Log file is not created if Cache Generation Fails
  • Root directory is reset during Cache Generation
  • Issues with model hide/show from Model Tree
  • Model server crashes if multiple people leave the Audio Conference simultaneously
  • Renaming scenes in the Dashboard changes the page view
  • Walkthrough mode not working with keyboard input
  • Loading a scene/session from the Dashboard causes the server to freeze
  • Cable default radius from Meeting Settings not applied in meetings
  • Participant list inconsistency with users joining/leaving multiple times
  • 360 images fail to load for some participants

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