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iQ3Connect Product Release

Product Release Updates- Nov 2020

Major Productivity Enhancements

Integration of iQ3 into External Applications: iQ3Connect can now be setup to launch from external applications. Permanent URL links can be created which spawn iQ3Connect Workspaces with models, scenes, or sessions on the fly. Workspaces spawned from the permanent URL link have their own unique ID, so multiple users can access the same content without affecting it for other users.

Advanced Whiteboard: The whiteboard in the iQ3Connect Workspace has been greatly enhanced to improve usability, versatility, and utility. 

  • The whiteboard itself can now be saved as an image file and downloaded to the user’s machine. 
  • Typed text and highlighting (in addition to defined shapes like circles and rectangles) can also be attached to the whiteboard. 
  • The whiteboard can be moved and rotated after its initial placement. 
  • The user no longer needs to enable any capabilities to draw on the whiteboard – in VR mode, the user can automatically draw on the whiteboard once close enough; in Desktop VR mode, the user can draw on the whiteboard anytime.

Improved Usability of the Desktop VR Interface: Several enhancements have been made to the Desktop VR interface to improve the iQ3Connect experience for users without VR headsets. 

  • Models, assets, and resources (including available files, scenes/states, multimedia such as pdfs, images, and videos, information tags, and 360 images and videos) are now available in the Desktop VR interface from the My Content menu. 
  • Both the Main Menu and View Cube menu can be minimized to increase visibility. 
  • The Desktop VR Help Menu has also been updated.

Mobile and Tablet Device Support: The iQ3Connect Workspace now supports touch screen input. This enables additional functionality for mobile and tablet users to independently navigate and interact in the 3D virtual environment. Some limitations still exist. 

Additional Usability Enhancements

  • Improved keyboard design and addition of “Clear All” button
  • “Zoom To” button has been added to multimedia (allowing a user to quickly navigate to image/video/pdf in the optimal view)
  • Comma’s added to the polygon count in the Dashboard
  • Default units can now be set via the Meeting Settings

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • SAML login error
  • Participants menu not showing followers 
  • Snapback not working for group/tree movements
  • Incorrect model count shown when adding models to existing meeting
  • Tooltips not properly facing the camera when opened
  • Whiteboard draw issues
  • Dashboard migration error
  • Sort by polygon count in the Dashboard not working
  • Server crash when deleting model state
  • Unable to download environment files
  • Meeting freezes when resizing a video
  • View cube is displayed in VR even if menu is disabled
  • Multimedia menu becoming stuck to user’s hand
  • Search results automatically selected when adding members to a group

Do check out earlier product release on the link here

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