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iQ3 Product Release

Product Release Updates- Feb 2021

Major Productivity Enhancements

  • The iQ3 Meeting Templates are now managed independently from the traditional iQ3 Workspace for virtual reality design collaboration and no longer display on the Calendar view. 
  • iQ3 Workspaces spawned from immersive Meeting Templates will automatically time out after 60 seconds if no users are in the workspace. 
  • Both public and private immersive meetings are now displayed on the Dashboard and Calendar view. Private virtual reality meetings are displayed only with the Meeting name and start and end time. 
  • Users can utilize either the Global Coordinate System or Internal Coordinate System when moving components and can switch back and forth as needed. 
    • The Global Coordinate System is fixed to the virtual environment. 
    • The Internal Coordinate System is fixed to the part, meaning a rotation of the part by 45 degrees will also rotate the Internal Coordinate System by 45 degrees. 
    • This allows the user to move components more precisely along axes/planes that may not align with the Global System. 
  • Administrators of the iQ3 Dashboard can now broadcast collaboration request and messages to improve the communication of updates, help resources, scheduled updates, etc. 
  • A basic Analytics framework is also being constructed and will be rolled out in phases. In this release, current user status (active, logged in, etc.) and last login time can be tracked via the Dashboard. Utilization of the Meeting Templates can also be tracked. 

Additional Usability Enhancements

  • A database backup option has been added to the iQ3 Installer
  • VR Keyboard improvements
  • Display dashboard message to user once VR Model Creation succeeds/fails
  • Combine Assets/Resources into a unified and consistent menu on the Dashboard
  • All Assets/Resources can now be set to public/private
  • Annotation display improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Unzipping of large files not completing
  • Avatar hand textures not properly loading
  • Reset All Move/Rotate changes visibility
  • Selection not working for .x3d files
  • Menu opening to Annotation submenu
  • Group creation not working with STEP files
  • Distance from Controller freezes the VR functionality
  • Delays in Whiteboard drawings being shown to other participants
  • Multimedia tooltips and controls not being shown properly
  • Triangle count and file size not shown in Dashboard for uploaded caches

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