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iQ3 VR Software

Product Release- 4 August 2021

Major Productivity Enhancements

Seamless Collaboration with Part Manipulation: To improve Workspace collaboration among participants and facilitate more seamless training experiences, all participants in a Workspace can now interact with the model through Move and Rotate operations. Previously, this could only be done by the Presenter and required a Change of Presenter to allow others access to this functionality. This capability is OFF by default but can be changed by the Presenter during the Workspace session or can be enabled by default by changing the Meeting Settings.

Scalable Dashboard Performance (Phase 2) and Enhanced Security:  Improved Dashboard performance allows for increased scalability of the iQ3Connect Platform throughout an enterprise. Dashboard response time will remain consistent whether being used by one user or many simultaneous users performing complex requests.Additionally, several security enhancements have been implemented.

Augmented Reality for Android Devices (Beta): iQ3Connect now supports Augmented Reality on Android devices. This allows a user to display 3D models and other content within their physical environment. iQ3Connect Augmented Reality is currently in Beta mode, so please contact your iQ3Connect Representative for access to this feature.

Usability Enhancements

  • The See-through option (which controls object visibility when behind 3D models) for annotations, measurements, and information tags has been added to the Meeting Settings.
  • The Show/Hide Selection Tooltip (which determines whether the object name is displayed when highlighted) has been added to the Meeting Settings.
  • The ExitVR button has been moved to the Meetings Menu for easier user access.
  • The iQ3 Installer can now manage the transfer of additional content between updates including the Contact Us, Help, and Legal content. 

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • Measurement units as defined in the Meeting Settings not being applied to the Workspace.
  • Windows display scaling and browser view scaling causes inaccurate selection points.
  • Inconsistency in displaying previous part movements to users when joining a meeting after the movement has been performed.
  • Reset password link not functioning.
  • Performance drops during Reset Move and Rotations.
  • Information Tag is offset too much from the selected surface in dimensionally large models.
  • Measurements are being duplicated when loading a model with measurements.
  • Screenshots not being saved.
  • Images uploaded using the Add Link feature is not being shown to other users.
  • Group Menu is being opened instead of Main Menu.
  • Issues with Dashboard File management, VR Models Tab file display and model linking.
  • VR Performance drops in iframe deployments.
  • GLB model colors not processing correctly.
  • Deprecation warning is shown for MongoDB while starting the iQ3 Server.
  • Lagging of Move and Rotate Operations.
  • Reverse Visibility not working.

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