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iQ3Connect Product Release

Product Release- 3rd June 2021

Plan for an iQ3Connect Virtual Reality Product demo today, with the new features and usability enhancements, the iQ3 platform is offering more every day. Check out features, try out free today. Submit your interest here

Usability Enhancements

  • Logo On/Off and the Redirect URL can now be defined in the Meeting Settings.
  • Assets can now be organized into folders and subfolders.
  • Additional User Permissions can now be configured: Create Scheduled Meeting, Create Quick Meeting (Meet Now), Create Public Meeting, Create User Group
  • Clip Plane now shows the outline of the clipped parts (customizable) and can be moved graphically via the mouse left click in 2D model.
  • Tooltip visibility is now saved as part of Session/Scene.
  • Chat icon will light up when new chat messages are received.

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • Users could not access Private Template Meetings when “Guest Allowed” is checked.
  • Selection operations not working during Session playback.
  • Sessions/Scenes not loading when launched from the Dashboard.
  • Deleting 360 content is inconsistent.
  • Annotations are freezing the VR headset.
  • Using Scene Control affects the move and rotate coordinates.
  • Movement and Rotation controls not consistent with user’s viewpoint
  • Multimedia icons become unusable after certain actions.
  • Model Tree search box text not showing.
  • Performance drops during Reset All command from Model Tree.
  • Issues with VR Model links

Check out all the earlier product release in this link.

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