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iQ3 VR Software

Product Release- 3 March 2021

Major Productivity Enhancements

Enhanced Collaboration with Chat: To further improve our users’ ability to interact and collaborate with other
participants, Chat functionality has been incorporated in both VR and Desktop VR mode. The Chat box not only records
system messages but also enables users to send text to the other participants. The Chat box can also be saved to a .txt
file for use in other applications such as issue tracking.

Issue Management and Customizable Help: A new help center has been created in the iQ3 Dashboard. Users can log
issues which can be tracked by Administrators and exported to a .csv file for delivery to iQ3Connect. Administrators can
also set the URL for the Help page and Contact Us page in order to redirect users to custom help and support

Additional Usability Enhancements

  • Master Administrator can override Meeting Settings of other users.
  • See through option enabled for Tooltips (ex. annotations, measurements, information tags).

Bug Fixes

  • All issues below are now resolved:
  • Deselect all not working for certain models
  • Oculus Rift controller inversion on Google Chrome
  • Cache Generation can be cancelled by any user
  • Z-up Meeting Setting not saved in Scene
  • User Status shows Logged Out for SAML users
  • Login Screen appearing inside Dashboard frame
  • Join Meeting not available to users invited to private meetings
  • Available Files List multiplying if Refresh List is clicked
  • Plane to Plane measurement errors

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