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iQ3 Product release

Product Release – 25th May 2021

With this new product release of iQ3Connect Virtual Reality Platform, find out some of the new improved dashboard usability features and streamlining of security options

Major Productivity Enhancements

Improved Dashboard Usability and Management: 

  • The Upload Screen on the iQ3 Dashboard can now be minimized, allowing the user to continue to use the Dashboard while the upload is progressing.
  • The owner of the Cache Generation process will now be shown on the Dashboard. 
  • Only iQ3 Cache files can now be uploaded to the VR Models section of the Dashboard.

Streamlined Meeting Security: A user can now decide between 3 different meeting security options when scheduling a meeting or using the Meet Now functionality 

  • Public Meeting – anyone who has the meeting URL link can join the meeting.
  • Private Meeting with Guest Allowed – anyone who has the meeting URL link AND has an iQ3 Dashboard account (either as an Admin, User, or Guest) can join the meeting.
  • Private Meeting – only the meeting creator and Dashboard users who belong to a Group with which the Meeting was shared can join the meeting.

Additional Usability Enhancements

  • Users can now choose (on-the-fly) between two different measurement algorithms for measuring point clouds: “Default” and “Closest to Camera”. The “closest to camera” measurement type is likelier to select the intended area in sparse point clouds but may not select the exact point intended. 
  • Participants can now open and interact with Information Tags (the display will only update for that participant), but when the Presenter opens an Information Tag, the display will be updated for all participants.
  • Tooltip visibility for all participants is now synced to the Presenter’s setting.
  • Improvement of controls on the Multimedia frame and Information Tag.
  • Multimedia will now be inserted into the iQ3 Workspace with the correct aspect ratio.
  • The “See-through” option is now enabled by default for all features (this allows tags, notes, measurements, etc. to be displayed through objects).

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • Model scale factor being overridden during Scene loading.
  • Username dialog box being auto filled. 
  • Clip Plane behavior when the Z-up setting is used.
  • Annotation submenu displayed when opening VR Menu.
  • Inconsistent listing of files when Admin uses “Login As” feature.
  • Information Tag offset.
  • Scaling of annotations.
  • Model State loading is significantly slower when loading move and rotate commands from the Model Tree.

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