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iQ3Connect Product Release- 13 January 2022

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Product Release- 23 June 2021

June 23, 2021

Major Productivity Enhancements

Scalable Dashboard Performance: Improved Dashboard performance allows for increased scalability of the iQ3Connect Platform throughout an enterprise. Dashboard response time will remain consistent whether being used by one user or many simultaneous users performing complex requests.

Enhanced Photorealistic Visuals: iQ3Connect can now import textures from glTF and FBX file formats, improving the visual quality of the models and creating a more realistic visual affect. 

Usability Enhancements

  • iQ3Connect will now automatically detect whether the object being measured is a CAD or Point Cloud object and apply the optimal measurement algorithm. This automation can be turned off by the user.
  • Each iQ3 Dashboard Instance can now utilize its own Settings file, which will allow for multiple Dashboard configurations and databases to be run simultaneously.
  • Improved Session performance when Groups are moved.

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • Scale factor being incorrectly applied during the Cache Generation process.
  • Undoing and Redoing movements using the Model Tree is not properly syncing with all participants.
  • Drag and Drop functionality in File Upload window not uploading all files.
  • Re-joining the iQ3 Meeting shows the “Already joined the meeting” message
  • Clip Plane and Explode sliders not functioning

Authored by

Colin Bloor
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