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iQ3Connect Product Release- 13 January 2022

iQ3Connect Product Release- 13 January 2022

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Product Release- 1 September 2021

September 1, 2021

Major Productivity Enhancements

Complex Geometry Visualization via Clip Plane Enhancements: Complex model geometry is now more easily visualized and comprehended through enhancements to the Clip Plane. When using the Clip Plane, solid volumes are now automatically filled to allow for easier identification of solid objects vs. open space/holes. Additionally, any objects that are attached to the model, such as annotations, measurements, and information tags will also be responsive to the Clip Plane.

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • Model loading hangs
  • Move and Rotate Menu not showing in VR Menu
  • Object picking not performing correctly after Explode
  • Dashboard Administration
    • VR Model Visibility when using “Log In As” feature
    • Users not appearing in User List
    • Terms and Conditions Page is inaccessible
  • Meeting Settings
    • Vertical move speed and Explode Model increment
    • Meeting settings not carrying over to the meeting
  • Template Meetings
    • Newly creating meetings now showing in Author list
    • Deleted template meetings can still be run
    • Incorrect messaging for Meeting Log download
    • Existing template meetings cannot be updated
  • Whiteboard cursor does not change back to normal mouse cursor when no longer pointing at whiteboard
  • Groups operations can’t be performed on groups located in a folder
  • Cube control and Presenter-Participant alignment after Reset Move and Rotate action
  • Download/Delete Images not working properly
  • Videos uploaded via URL link are not playing
  • VR Menu opens to various submenus
  • Viewpoint Walkthrough leads to crash in VR headset
  • Changing a video causes the video windows to go black
  • Cables do not appear in Sessions
  • Model Move/Rotate not working in Sessions
  • 20GB Upload Limit

Authored by

Colin Bloor
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