1 host account1
1 Workspace

$200 /month(FREE Evaluation)
Access from Anywhere on any device via a Web Browser
Unlimited Workspce Participants2
Email support
Generic CAD3 import
Point cloud4 import
360 video and images
Multimedia Import
5GB cloud storage


Unlimited host accounts1
1 workspace
10 Templates

$1000 /month
All Pro features, plus...
Admin access
Virtual private cloud
Customizable workspaces
White Labeling
Company Specific URL
100GB cloud storage


For scaled deployments across your organization

All Teams features, Plus...
Native CAD Import
Premium support
Optional On-premise Installation
Single Sign-On
Email Server Integration
API Access
Scaled Storage


Author and Deliver Immersive VR Training Experiences

All Teams features, Plus...
Optional Enterprise Features
LMS Integration
Training Module and Logic
Multiple VR Training Modes (instructor-led, self-paced, collaborative)


Self Service Dashboard

The iQ3Connect Dashboard provides content, workspace, and project management, empowering anyone to create and deliver immersive experiences. Access it from anywhere, on any device, via a web browser. Included in all pricing plans.

Collaborative Workspaces

iQ3Connect’s Workspaces are virtual environments for real-time collaboration, authoring, and interaction with immersive content. They can be accessed anywhere, on any device (VR/AR or flat screen), via a web browser. Included in all pricing plans.


Templates are single-user workspaces enabling rapid delivery of immersive content. Easily embed into external applications to create seamless and integrated immersive experiences in websites, LMS, etc. Included with Teams, Enterprise, and Training.

Metadata and Model Tree

Access model metadata directly from the iQ3Connect Workspace. Interact with the model at the part, subassembly, or assembly level via an interactive model tree. Create custom part groupings for more intuitive user interaction and training scenarios.

White Labelling

Create a company specific URL, brand the iQ3Connect Dashboard and Workspaces with your company’s logo, and customize the virtual environment to match your company’s style. Included with Teams, Enterprise, and Training.


Seamlessly integrate immersive experiences into your existing business and engineering processes. We support single sign-on, email server integration, LMS integration, and API access for connection to external applications. Included with Enterprise and Training.


Joe Strelow
Joe StrelowPresident, AVL Power Systems
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iQ3 is as easy as Zoom, you click on your calendar invite and you are taken straight into the VR workspace along with your colleagues, you are off and running with your design review. It is VR on demand!
Dennis (Chip) Herrick
Dennis (Chip) HerrickSr. Information Technologies Specialist at Bosch
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I have never seen anything as easy as iQ3Connect for bringing raw CAD into virtual reality or augmented space.

TrUSted by

1. A host can schedule meetings, manage 3D data, and access all features

2. Any participant can become presenter during a meeting

3. Generic CAD includes STEP, FBX, GLTF and OBJ

4. Point cloud includes DP (dotproduct), LAS, E57, PTX, PLY and PTS

iQ3 Connect reserves the right to change pricing and structure at its sole discretion.