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3D Workspaces for Everyone-An introduction to iQ3Connect

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3D Workspaces for Everyone

Learn how to create, deliver, and engage with immersive content using only a web browser

3D workspaces for everyone- An introduction to iQ3Connect. Watch this on-demand webinar that demonstrates the use of virtual reality technology in an enterprise for VR training, sales product demonstrations, and product design collaboration. Easy, flexible, and ready 3D workspace that everyone can use in an enterprise. Transform Interactive, an iQ3Connect partner in Canada, conducted this webinar for industrial companies.

Everyone in the enterprise can use these virtual reality workspaces for various purposes. Some examples include; VR training for industrial products by the training department, virtual catalog by sales and marketing & design collaboration by design engineering, research, and development folks. Trainers can use VR workspaces to train trainees by enabling virtual interaction with industrial products. They can build and deploy VR models from CAD designs, and embed links in the LMS. This can lead to substantial time saving and better training outcomes.

The sale and marketing department can use the 3D workspaces to showcase complex technological products. They can quickly demonstrate complex engineering products to a prospect by sharing a simple link. Also with a link, the prospect can have a first-hand look and feel of the product for e.g., instant meetings. Similarly, design engineers can use iQ3Connect workspaces to interact in the metaverse with remote colleagues, design partner companies, or suppliers. Thet can use collaboration features like a whiteboard, information tagging, assembling and disassembling a part, etc.

This 30 minutes recorded video can help you to enable VR workspaces without any hassle to develop and deploy VR content at any of your remote locations with a browser or vr headset.

Ali Mechant- CEO- iQ3Connect
Ali Merchant
iQ3Connect Inc.