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How iQ3Connect XR SaaS platform can make enterprise training scalable, elastic, and available at all times?

How iQ3Connect XR SaaS platform can make enterprise training scalable, elastic, and available at all times?

Making employee training scalable, elastic, and available is the need of the hour for today’s enterprise. With inflation on the…

iQ3Connect Product Release- May 2022

Version 2022.6

Major Enhancements

The iQ3Connect Training Studio: The iQ3Connect Training Studio enables users to leverage their 3D models and other assets on the Dashboard to author training modules through the Workspace and via a scripting interface. These training modules can then be deployed via URL link through the Template Meetings. The Training Studio provides a mechanism for the author to completely control the virtual Workspace, user interface and interactions, 3D models, and other assets. Training Modules can be formatted as a self-paced and interactive experience, a recorded VR “video”, or anything in-between.

Usability Enhancements

  • Animations can now be paused
  • Zoom-in/out supported added for mobile devices

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • VR crashes when the controller trigger is pressed
  • VR height cannot be changed by the side grips while in the Workspace
  • A new presenter cannot reset move and rotate if the previous presenter rotated the scene
  • Move and rotate from the Model Tree not functioning
  • User movement is locked if the 360-degree image is loaded
  • Mismatch in Multimedia List between the Workspace and Dashboard
  • The available animation list is not showing in the VR Menu
  • All PDFs display as invalid when loaded into the Workspace
  • Available info tag list cannot be accessed from the Workspace
  • Available 360-degree images and videos cannot be accessed from the Workspace
  • The available image list cannot be accessed after the Download Images button has been used
  • Viewpoint Group menu is not loaded properly
  • FPS drops to 0 after highlighting a group with many volumes
  • Unarchiving Models containing States with “&” in the name omits those states

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