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iQ3Connect Product Release- May 2022

Version 2022.6

Major Enhancements

The iQ3Connect Training Studio: The iQ3Connect Training Studio enables users to leverage their 3D models and other assets on the Dashboard to author training modules through the Workspace and via a scripting interface. These training modules can then be deployed via URL link through the Template Meetings. The Training Studio provides a mechanism for the author to completely control the virtual Workspace, user interface and interactions, 3D models, and other assets. Training Modules can be formatted as a self-paced and interactive experience, a recorded VR “video”, or anything in-between.

Usability Enhancements

  • Animations can now be paused
  • Zoom-in/out supported added for mobile devices

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • VR crashes when the controller trigger is pressed
  • VR height cannot be changed by the side grips while in the Workspace
  • A new presenter cannot reset move and rotate if the previous presenter rotated the scene
  • Move and rotate from the Model Tree not functioning
  • User movement is locked if the 360-degree image is loaded
  • Mismatch in Multimedia List between the Workspace and Dashboard
  • The available animation list is not showing in the VR Menu
  • All PDFs display as invalid when loaded into the Workspace
  • Available info tag list cannot be accessed from the Workspace
  • Available 360-degree images and videos cannot be accessed from the Workspace
  • The available image list cannot be accessed after the Download Images button has been used
  • Viewpoint Group menu is not loaded properly
  • FPS drops to 0 after highlighting a group with many volumes
  • Unarchiving Models containing States with “&” in the name omits those states

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