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iQ3Connect VR Training Collaboration Software release December 2021
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iQ3Connect Product Release- 8 December 2021

December 15, 2021

Usability Enhancements

  • Additional safeguards and options when recaching a file
  • Security updates
  • Show/Hide Multimedia Frame is now saved in the Scene
  • Change 2D menu icon
  • Add Floor Visibility (On/Off) to Meeting Settings
  • Optimize triangle count during clip plane operations

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • File upload to the Dashboard is freezing
  • Triangle count increases arbitrarily when loading multiple models into the workspace
  • Texture count increases when reloading the same model into the workspace
  • Animations not correctly loaded when using multiple .glb files
  • Updated names for .glb and .glft files not properly showing when loaded into the workspace
  • Files disappearing or duplicating when sorting lists in the Dashboard
  • Newly created user accounts appear to be inactive even when logged in
  • Clip plane color inconsistency when model is exploded
  • Folder structure migration issue
  • Progress bar for model loading appears to freeze
  • Logo not updating

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Colin Bloor
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