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iQ3Connect Product Release- 7 March 2022

iQ3Connect Product Release for March 2022 has the following usability enhancements & bug fixes for a better user experience in XR design collaboration and XR training platform.

Usability Enhancements

  • Improvements to the display of menus and messages while in VR
  • Sliders are disappearing if browser is resized
  • Meeting logs no longer deleted if the Meeting is deleted
  • Removing unnecessary cache data from local storage

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • Camera height changes when using the grab/pinch action
  • Hot key for switching between camera and scene control
  • Annotations not hiding if the whole model is made invisible
  • Announcements can’t be uncleared by Master Admin if Login As function is used
  • 2D Laser Pointer not visible to new meeting participants
  • File list is not updating automatically and notifications not displaying during delete, restore, archive, unarchive actions
  • Uploading a folder with thousands of files causes the uploaded to crash

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