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VR Workspace Platform feature Update

iQ3Connect Product Release – 21 September 2021

iQ3Connect VR Training and Collaboration Platform latest features, software enhacements & updates are as follows:

Major Productivity Enhancements

Improved User Experience via Customizable Controls: iQ3Connect VR Training & Collaboration Platfform now allows for customizable XR controller button mapping (“Key Binding”) to the major mechanisms within the iQ3 VR Workspace (movement, selection/action, grab/hold, teleport, and menu). Users in the virtual reality environment with administrative privileges will have access to the Key Binding feature which is found under the Meetings Menu of the iQ3 Dashboard. Key Bindings must be made using the relevant XR controller. Each binding is specific to a browser/device combination (ex. Oculus-Firefox, Oculus-Chrome, Vive-Chrome) and is applied to all users.

Additional Usability Enhancements

  • iQ3 Service name can now be specified in the iQ3 Installer

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • Nginx start/stop not working
  • iQ3 Installer Load Preset not functioning
  • Control Cube not working appropriately and disappearing after exiting VR mode
  • Information Tag Audio continues to play after Information Tag is closed

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