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iQ3Connect Product Release

iQ3Connect Product Release- 13 January 2022

iQ3Connect Product Release – 13 January 2022 has the following enhancements and bug fixes

Usability Enhancements

  • Unzipping processes can now be monitored in the Dashboard Activities
  • Security updates
  • Improvements to Model Loading in the Workspace
  • Added options to align Move/Rotate Coordinate Axis to Model/World/Normal.

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • Loading the same VR model twice results in black screen
  • Meeting errors result in black screen
  • Cache generation fails for unzipped files
  • Slow transformation of models during Scene load
  • Move and Rotate from Model Tree causes a screen freeze and/or fails to operate
  • Reset selected volumes is not working for non-presenters
  • 2D mouse movement is lagging
  • Loss of WebGL context with large models
  • While following a user, incorrect messages are generated.

Feel free to reach us, if you would like to clarify anything on iQ3Connect Product Release – 13 January 2022 or try it free.

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