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Optimization of CAD 3D Data to VR Model in iQ3Connect Dashboard

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Optimization of CAD 3D data to VR model is a simple straightforward process with the iQ3Connect VR training dashboard. Upload the CAD 3D data in the 3D content section and click on the covert to VR model button. 3D models are converted to VR models ready to be used. The time required for conversion to a VR model is dependent on the size of the CAD file, for smaller models it may be less than a minute. iQ3Connect platform accepts many types of file formats as STEP, FBX, GTLF, OBJ along with native CAD format as Solidworks, Autocad, etc.

iQ3Connect VR training and collaboration platform also allow other files to make the VR experience more engaging. One can upload multimedia files (JPEG, PNG, MP4 Video), 360-degree panorama views, background environments, etc.

In all, the iQ3Connect SaaS platform is easy to use. It can help anyone to launch 3D VR content quickly with a simple link share.

Just in case need us to take you through a step-by-step process, let us know. We will arrange for a one-to-one demonstration.