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Move or rotate 3D objects in VR

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To move and rotate 3D objects in VR spatial space is key for a quality immersive experience. It brings the VR experience closer to the interaction of the physical world. iQ3Connect VR Workspace makes this task swift and easy. The virtual and physical worlds difference comes from size, shape, perspective, and interactivity. Movement and object rotation interactivity is key to bridging this gap.

To move and rotate the 3D object in the iQ3Connect VR workspace, takes only 2 steps. Select the menu option, the different color axis is now visible, move the object on any axis. This simplicity is a must to stimulate our natural way of interaction as we do in the physical world. Creating VR content is simple as well, upload 3D models for e.g CAD models and covert to VR.

There are many applications of the move and rotate function. For e.g. need to see the back of parts of the engine for product design review, one can rotate the engine on any axis. Need to space out the model, in case there are many VR models or sub-assemblies. Another application is a display of models as in a museum. And can be many more such application, all that is possible with iQ3Connect VR Workspaces.

The move and rotate function finds its application as enterprise training and VR design collaboration. If you would like to try iQ3Connect free, contact us.