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Immersive visualization of a building in metaverse

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Immersive visualization of a building with the iQ3Connect XR platform is an easy-to-use technology approach to make a 3D model available to anyone anytime. A reliable metaverse solution to convert 3D building models into engaging spatial virtual experiences. Immersive visualization tools can help architects and project managers refine and rebuild building design from initial concept to final design review. Showcase the building design concepts to stakeholders or buyers, or anyone, take feedback, make design notes and incorporate design changes. For e.g. show the placements of furniture or gardens or maybe pathways in virtual reality. Or share the progress of the building project with the stakeholders in virtual reality.

Static rendering or pre-rendering is no match to immersive visualization of the building via iQ3Connect. A virtual walkthrough of a facility can help to understand the perspective of scale. Virtual Walkthrough will also help to know how future occupants will interact with the design of the building. Architects, builders, and project managers can discuss, record, and make changes in the building design in the metaverse.

Sharing 3D models with an instant link for an immersive visualization on a web browser or a VR headset can make a huge difference. No waiting time and no hassle to build the design from scratch with data access security can guarantee a satisfied customer.