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Hide or isolate parts of VR models

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Hide and isolate parts of VR models in a few clicks for Product design training or Product design collaboration. This video demonstrates how to hide the sub-assemblies of the VR model made from CAD 3d models. iQ3Connect preserves all the information included with the 3D model while converting to a VR model. A user can easily hide and isolate parts of VR models or the full sub-assembly to navigate the inner parts. Not only one can hide and isolate the parts of VR model, but he or she can also enrich the VR model with more information. For e.g. take measurements and move the CAD geometry parts.

This is quite useful to build Virtual Reality training scenarios. Industrial training instructors can show the interiors of complex industrial equipment e.g. a jet engine or an IC engine. No need to call the participants to the physical locations saving the travel costs of hundred of participants.

Isolating parts in VR workspace is also useful in the product design collaboration sessions. Design engineers can quickly assemble or disassemble the parts to discuss the changes required in the product design. They can mark the parts with tags and information can be accessed anytime for reference purposes.