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Adding Multiple VR Models in VR Workspaces

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Adding multiple VR models in VR workspaces by iQ3Connect is a simple process. This video demonstrates how to bring multiple VR models to a single VR workspace after conversion from CAD to the VR model from iQ3Connect dashboard. The next step involves selecting the models by selecting the checkbox and adding the VR models to the workspace. Once the models load into the workspace, we can move the models to create a display. All the models can be interactive in real-time and worked on independently.

This can be use-case for displaying a range of models related to the same field. For e.g displaying a museum of cars and changes in models over a period of time. It can also be used to showcase the internal parts of the equipment that are hidden below the other parts. Or adding multiple VR models in a single VR workspace can also be useful to display the equipment used in a factory or vintage parts showcase in an industrial museum.