Interact with Complex CAD Geometry via the Model Tree in iQ3Connect XR Training Platform.

Interacting with CAD Geometry iniQ3Connect

This video demonstrates how can one interact with the CAD Geometry sub-assembly and parts in iQ3Connect XR Training Platform. When a 3D model is imported, iQ3 algorithms automatically build parts in the Model tree. This is useful to interact with the model while explaining the key components. The subassemblies or components can be highlighted, selected, and hidden to explain the functions and features of those components.

Embedding media in iQ3Connect XR Training Platform.

Adding Video files with CAD Data

iQ3Connect XR training platform not only helps one to interact with the 3D model in the virtual space, but it also helps to bring in other media formats to enrich the virtual environment experience. One can bring videos, 360 photos, PDF documents in the environment and can use it make the XR training much more powerful.