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Sample VR training with iQ3Connect VR Workspaces

iQ3Connect Instant VR Workspaces

Try a sample VR training with iQ3Connect Instant VR Workspace. This technology help enterprise trainers to create remote, collaborative 3D enterprise virtual reality training environments quickly and easily.

How to create Sample VR Training in iQ3Connect Instant VR Workspaces?

  • Upload existing 3D CAD models to dashboard and convert to a VR model in minutes.
  • Enrich engineering data by adding information as product measurements, information tags, animation scenes, product manual, presentation, pdf etc to VR model.
  • Share the ready meeting link from iQ3Connect dashboard to customers, partners & employees via messenger, email or embed in LMS.
  • Employees, partners or customer join with this link in a 3D interactive product training in virtual space either with a VR headset or a computer browser.

What are the advantages of VR Training created in iQ3Connect Instant VR Workspaces?

  • Faster deployment of enterprise product training with resuse of existing 3D models to VR models.
  • Scale quickly & cost-effectively to global locations.
  • Save time, money and give better remote learning experience to stakeholders.
  • Better content interactivity and engagement to help reinforce learning concepts faster.
  • Enrich 3D models with suplementary information.

If you would create your Sample VR Training in iQ3Connect Instant VR Workspaces with your own CAD or 3D models. Send a request.