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360 degree virtual tour with iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces

With iQ3 Instant VR workspaces anyone can publish a 360 virtual tour to a scenic location and share a simlple link sharing. To publish 3D VR content you need not be a programmer, you just need 360 degree panaromic photographs or videos.

This application is very useful in your enterprise setting as well. If you would like to share an actual factory place 360 desgre look around, machinery layout, onsite support location to your colleagues in virtual reality. No need to run to IT programmer, it’s instant and easy. iQ3 Instant VR workspae can help you to perform 3D virtual inspection or share your panoramic memories with a simple link sharing like in a zoom with 3D content. And it is quite easy, just upload images, videos or standard content, iQ3Connect will atomatically convert 3D scans into VR and cresate a meeting link. Share this link on any medium, . A click on this link will lead to iQ3 Instant VR Workspace with ready published 3D contnet to give an experience in the 360 degree virtual reality.

Once the link is embedded it will not change unless the meeting is deleted. Content can be updated from iQ3Connect dashboard and won’t change the link, so no hassles to update embedded link.

Try 360 Virtual Tour Free now.

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