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Human Skeleton in Virtual Reality

Human Skeleton in Virtual Reality

Explore a human skeleton in a virtual reality environment with iQ3Connect VR workspaces. This is a great way to interact with human physiology without limitations of physical space. Any student and educator can take advantage of this VR workspace quickly and easily.

  1. Get a 3D model and upload to iQ3Connect VR workspaces dashboard. There are multiple website that offer free 3D models in netural formast as IGES/STEP e.g. GrabCAD, Artec3D etc.
  2. iQ3Connect convert the 3D model to VR model in a minute.
  3. Copy the meeting link from iQ3Connect dashboard and forward it to anyone via messenger, email or embed in course webpages.
  4. With a click of link immersive vr experience is available on VR headset or in a browser in a computer.

We have already done this for you to experience the virtual human skeleton in virtual reality. Click on the link and it will take you to virtual reality. If you would like to explore further or use the iQ3Connect VR workspaces for your educational institute do contact us.

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