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Design Review of an engine in Virtual Reality

Design Review of an engine in Virtual Reality

Design review of an engine in virtual reality with iQ3Connect VR workspaces with simple link sharing.

iQ3Connect provides a set of tools to enrich the design review process of industrial products. This sample VR workspace showcases how anyone can test tools such as information tagging, measurements, assembly, and disassembly of CAD sub-assemblies to enrich design content in a virtual environment.

There is no need to create the VR model from scratch. In this case, we uploaded the CAD model of the internal combustion engine, iQ3Connect system auto converts it to VR model. The information included in the CAD model, such as sub-assemblies, parts information, etc. is also carried to the VR model. Share this VR model with a simple link to anyone with a simple link can join in VR workspaces on a browser in a computer or VR headset. The VR model can be used for VR training as well to train new recruits, partners, and/or field support engineers.

If you would like to launch your own VR workspaces as this design review of an engine in Virtual Reality. Send us a request.