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3D Scanned Crime Scene in Virtual Reality

3D Scanned Crime Scene

3D Scanned crime scene in virtual reality captured by DotProduct Scanners and enabled to view by iQ3Connect VR Workspaces. See the possibilities of Virtual Reality technology applied to police work and Forensics. It can enable the reconstruction of crime scenes with iQ3Connect VR workspaces and 3D visualization captured by DotProduct Scanners. A combination of the latest technology and innovative thinking to detect crimes with new tech forensics. Isn’t it fascinating to explore the possibilities created by the latest technologies like Virtual Reality?

iQ3connect VR workspaces enable professionals to train virtually, to work anywhere, anytime from a seamless workspace. It can be a game-changer in increasing the productivity and collaboration of virtual crime detection teams the world over.

Experience 3D Scanned Crime Scenes in Virtual Reality. If you would like to try it free. Send a request.