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3D Scan of a Large Office Building in Virtual Reality

3D Scan Office Design

Check out this 3D scan of a large office building in located in Washington DC in virtual reality with iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces. iQ3Connect Virtual Reality Training and Collaboration platform makes this usecase illustrating a construction and architecture design collaboration in virtual reality makes it’s easy for even a non technical person. No programming is required to covert the 3D content to VR.

3D Scan any office building, factory facility, warehouse etc. with a 3D scanner or any LIDAR based device. Upload the scans from iQ3Connect dashboard and share the content with a simple link to user to view the 3D scans in Virtual Reality with any standard browser or VR headset. 3D scans once uploaded can be accessed by anyone. Link can be embedded any where, be it a webpage, email, enterprise application portal. Invite your architect, designer and vendor for a walkthrough and collaborate on a project in just one click.

Credit: Mike Quan at Interactive Tactical Group

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