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3D Room in Virtual Reality

3D Room in Virtual Reality

View 3D Room in Virtual Reality with iQ3Connect VR workspaces. The process is simple and easy, create 360° Images and Videos of interior designs of a room. The interior design can be of any complexity and should be in 3D formats. Upload 3D models to be viewed in virtual reality to iQ3Connect VR workspaces dashboard. iQ3Connect will convert the 3D models to VR models and it’s ready to be viewed.

How to view the VR models in virtual reality?

Copy the link from iQ3Connect dashboard and share with anyone. Link can be shared via email, messenger or embed in webpages. Voila you have created a 3D interior design in virtual reality. Involve colleagues and customers to view 3D room in virtual reality at the click of the link in an instant.

Here is an example of a scan taken with a handheld DotProduct scanner. You can walk around in the room, take measurements and create annotation markups, review the plan and collaborate in an instant manner. Now Walk through your dream home in 3D! in virtual reality.

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