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iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces

iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces

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Featured iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces.

iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces helps to quickly visualize 3D content with ready to use VR models. CAD Files, 3D scans, demo videos, specification manual in PDF, equipments images etc. can easily be showcased in iQ3Connect Virtual Reality space with a Simple Link

The link can be Embeded In LMS, Webpages, Enterprise Systems, Emails Etc. Anyone across the globe with access to this link can view content in a browser or VR headset.

Additionally, content can be updated from dashboard and link doesn’t changes. No hassles of updating links embedded in disparate systems

Try out hands-on with the  sample provided here. If you need us to demostrate, please contact Us. 

3D Scan Office Design

3D Scan of a Large Office Building in Virtual Reality with iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces

Check out this 3D scan of a large office building in located in Washington DC in virtual reality with iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces. iQ3Connect Virtual Reality Training and Collaboration platform
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3D Scanned Crime Scene

3D Scanned Crime Scene with iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces

iQ3Connect conducted a joint webinar with DotProduct, check out this 3D scanned scene in the virtual reality instantly by clicking on the link.
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Mars Curiosity Lander instant trial of iQ3Connect

Nasa’s Mars Lander with iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces

Now land to Mars with Mars Lander in virtual reality. The link below lets you explore the Mars with Rover in virtual reality at the click of button. With iQ3
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Human Skull Instant Trial

Virtual Human Skeleton with iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces

A great way to explore human physiology is in virtual reality with iQ3 VR workspace. Without any hassle, upload a 3D model, convert to VR model and share the link.
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iQ3Connect Instant Trial 3D scan of a Room

3D Scan of Room with iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces

Involve colleagues and customers to explore 3D model of a room at click of the link in an instant. Here is an example of a scan taken with a handheld
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Instant Trial of iQ3Connect Virtual Spaces

Visit to Virtual Stadium with iQ3 Instant VR Workspaces

Explore this virtual stadium tour with iQ3 instant VR Workspaces. iQ3Connect virtual reality training & collaboration platform can also be used to quickly showcase virtual visit to the new facilities
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