360-degree virtual reality tour with iQ3Connect Instant VR Workspaces

360 Degree Virtual Tour

Publish a 360 virtual reality tour to a scenic location or a factory location with iQ3 VR workspaces. Upload 360-degree panoramic photographs, it’s converted to VR automatically, copy meeting link, and share it for unlimited VR experience for unlimited participants.
It works in your enterprise setting also. Share a factory 360 degree look around. Or share a machinery layout for an onsite support location. It’s simple, easy, and fast. No need to run to the IT support department or hire a programmer, it’s DIY VR content. Use iQ3 Instant VR workspace for 3D virtual inspection, sharing VR memories, or disaster-related content. Once the link is generated, embed it anywhere. Social media page, enterprise content pages, email. Anywhere, where you can embed a clickable link.
The other advantage is, the link does not change with the update of the content. Update Panoramic photos from backend dashboard, link remains same. No issues with the update of the link embedded in all the places in your digital assets.

If you would like to try it free. Send a request.