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VR Browser Compatibility

Compatible Web Browsers with iQ3Connect Virtual Reality Platform

The iQ3Connect Virtual Reality and Collaboration Platform is a web browser-based solution for 3D model visualization and interaction and can support multiple simultaneous users. The iQ3 Workspace is accessed via web browser and supports both VR and non-VR users. 

The listed browsers are compatible for both Virtual Reality and 2D mode (no VR equipment required). Some web browsers may not work with certain VR devices (see the table below). Other browsers which are not listed may work in 2D mode, but full compatibility and performance is not guaranteed. 

The listed browsers will work natively (without additional setup) in 2D mode, but there may be some configuration necessary to ensure proper functioning of the virtual reality headset. Details on the proper configuration are provided below. 

Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox IconGoogle Chrome Chrome IconMicrosoft Edge Microsoft Edge Icon
Version74 or newer79 or newer79 or newer
Typically, no configuration required for VR compatibility
Some minor configuration required for VR compatibilitySome minor configuration required for VR compatibility.
Ensure you are using a compatible version of Edge (icon will look like the above).
How to check browser versionOpen Firefox Menu
(upper right corner)
Click Help
Click About Firefox
Copy the following into Chrome
Copy the following into Edge
Compatible Web Browsers with iQ3Connect Virtual Reality Platform

Check out this link to learn the navigational control with mouse and keyboard on iQ3Connect Platform – Click here

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