iQ3Connect Product Release- 18 October 2021

iQ3Connect Featured Image August FVT

Major Productivity Enhancements

Visualization of Large Point Cloud Models on any Device: iQ3Connect now supports the visualization of and interaction with large point cloud models on any device. A dynamic point cloud point limiter intelligently increases or decreases the resolution of various sections of the point cloud depending upon the viewer’s position and orientation to ensure that even lower-end devices can view models with billions of points at the highest resolutions.

Dashboard Analytics: Easily monitor and analyze iQ3 usage statistics via connection to data visualization tools.
Animation Support: Animations saved as .gltf files can now be played in the iQ3Connect Workspace

Additional Usability Enhancements

  • Optimized support for Valve Index force grip sensor

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

● iQ3 Workspace Floor settings are not maintained when loading a new model
● iQ3 Workspace Floor settings not properly loaded from a Scene
● Reset Selected inconsistency

Product Release- 23 June 2021

iQ4 Product Updates

Major Productivity Enhancements

Scalable Dashboard Performance: Improved Dashboard performance allows for increased scalability of the iQ3Connect Platform throughout an enterprise. Dashboard response time will remain consistent whether being used by one user or many simultaneous users performing complex requests.

Enhanced Photorealistic Visuals: iQ3Connect can now import textures from glTF and FBX file formats, improving the visual quality of the models and creating a more realistic visual affect. 

Usability Enhancements

  • iQ3Connect will now automatically detect whether the object being measured is a CAD or Point Cloud object and apply the optimal measurement algorithm. This automation can be turned off by the user.
  • Each iQ3 Dashboard Instance can now utilize its own Settings file, which will allow for multiple Dashboard configurations and databases to be run simultaneously.
  • Improved Session performance when Groups are moved.

Bug Fixes

All issues below are now resolved:

  • Scale factor being incorrectly applied during the Cache Generation process.
  • Undoing and Redoing movements using the Model Tree is not properly syncing with all participants.
  • Drag and Drop functionality in File Upload window not uploading all files.
  • Re-joining the iQ3 Meeting shows the “Already joined the meeting” message
  • Clip Plane and Explode sliders not functioning

Compatible Web Browsers with iQ3Connect Virtual Reality Platform

VR Browser Compatibility

The iQ3Connect Virtual Reality and Collaboration Platform is a web browser-based solution for 3D model visualization and interaction and can support multiple simultaneous users. The iQ3 Workspace is accessed via web browser and supports both VR and non-VR users. 

The listed browsers are compatible for both Virtual Reality and 2D mode (no VR equipment required). Some web browsers may not work with certain VR devices (see the table below). Other browsers which are not listed may work in 2D mode, but full compatibility and performance is not guaranteed. 

The listed browsers will work natively (without additional setup) in 2D mode, but there may be some configuration necessary to ensure proper functioning of the virtual reality headset. Details on the proper configuration are provided below. 

Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox IconGoogle Chrome Chrome IconMicrosoft Edge Microsoft Edge Icon
Version74 or newer79 or newer79 or newer
Typically, no configuration required for VR compatibility
Some minor configuration required for VR compatibilitySome minor configuration required for VR compatibility.
Ensure you are using a compatible version of Edge (icon will look like the above).
How to check browser versionOpen Firefox Menu
(upper right corner)
Click Help
Click About Firefox
Copy the following into Chrome
Copy the following into Edge
Compatible Web Browsers with iQ3Connect Virtual Reality Platform

Check out this link to learn the navigational control with mouse and keyboard on iQ3Connect Platform – Click here