VR Training Platform


The iQ3 VR Collaboration and Training platform provides a web-based, scalable, and cost-effective approach for building and deploying enterprise product training solutions.


The iQ3 VR collaboration platform provides a web-based, scalable, and cost-effective approach for realtime collaboration across the enterprise with 3D content at full scale.

VR Collaboration Platform


Joe StrelowPresident, AVL Power Systems
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iQ3 is as easy as Zoom, you click on your calendar invite and you are taken straight into the VR workspace along with your colleagues, you are off and running with your design review. It is VR on demand!
C M VenkatVice President, Aker Solutions
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We see this tool being used as a strong learning motivator for our engineers by providing an in depth perspective of the products they engineer and design.
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I have seen iQ3Connect in action, and its application is endless. iQ3Connect will change your view of the virtual world.
Tom MarnanePresident, MADTECH
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MADTECH was looking for a company with the necessary talent and skill sets to get a very complicated project done. The project required ingenuity, out of the box thinking, and a real commitment to getting it done in the time frame needed. The iQ3 Team delivered on this most difficult of projects in the agreed upon timeframe. I would recommend iQ3 to any company that needed talent, ingenuity, and a get it done attitude on projects. Tell them what you need and they will deliver on what they promise!
Business ManagerAutomotive Supplier
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By using iQ3 we can now get our point across more quickly and easily. This means we have a better chance of closing the deal and ensuring that we are meeting the customers expectations. The end result is that we make more sales, reduce our engineering costs and increase our margin.
Indian Aerospace Company-
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We have been using the iQ3 based VR set up extensively for our cockpit design evaluations and maintenance ergonomics. we had initially started with a more complex system using trackers and gloves but have been able to use the much leaner system from iQ3 to achieve the same results at a much lower cost
Dennis (Chip) HerrickSr. Information Technologies Specialist at Bosch
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I have never seen anything as easy as iQ3Connect for bringing raw CAD into virtual reality or augmented space.
Jeffrey JacobsonXR Thought Leader, SIMEngineering XR Project Manager, Boston Children’s Hospital
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I can’t imagine an easier way to launch a meeting in VR. With IQ3, I just click on a link, and I’m there.

iQ3 Instant Workspaces provide instant access to VR-ready models. It’s an excellent way to experience 3D data in virtual reality with just one click. These instant workspaces can be very useful for displaying 3D interactive digital data to be used in training templates, product showcases, educational content in LMS, and more. It’s easy to copy & share links with anyone. Once they click the shared link,  they are instantly placed in the VR workspace with your 3D interactive content in real-time with a simple web browser or VR headset. Feel free to explore the two models given here or explore more models below.

Watch for our recording webinar and training events conducted by veterans of the industry. 


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